Me/ a Myth

Me/ A Myth

The ancient myths are breathing with us, and are not just a part of our forgotten past.

The artists take on the challenge and turn old local and global myths into video performance characters. Myths are still living in our time but the change has been inevitable. These videos show eight interpretations of different mythologies starting from the birth of the world.

The mythological characters take the form of almost mundane presence. They’re not too far from our selves and our lives.

Me/ A Myth is a part of International Art Collaborations. Find out more about the project in


Minä/ Myytti

Myyttejä tutkiva performatiivinen videoteos koostuu kahdeksasta erillisestä osasta, jossa taiteilijat tutkivat muinaisia myyttejä.  Taiteilijat etsivät vanhojen myyttien paikkaa nykypäivästä ja tulkitsevat niitä uudelleen.

Muinaiset hahmot ovat läsnä meille tutuissa ympäristöissä, eivätkä ainoastaan historian kansien välissä. Mutta muutos on ollut väistämätön.


나 / 신화

고대 신화는 우리의 잊혀진 과거의 한 부분이 아니며, 우리와 함께 숨쉬고 있는

것들이다. 작가들은 모험을 감행했고 오랜 지역 설화와 세계적으로 잘 알려진

신화,설화를 비디오 퍼포먼스 캐릭터로 바꾸었다. 신화들은 우리의 시대에 여전히

살아 있지만 변화는 필연적이었다. 이 비디오는 태초로부터 시작되는 여러가지

신화들의8가지 해석을 보여주게 된다.

신화적 인물들은 거의 일상적으로 존재하는 형태이다. 그 인물들은 우리자신과

우리의 삶과 크게 다르지 않다.


Ich / Ein Mythos
Die altertümlichen Mythen atmen mit uns und sind nicht nur ein Teil unserer vergessenen Vergangeneit.
Die KünstlerInnen nehmen die Herausvorderung an und verwandeln alte regionale sowie globale Märchen in darstellende Videocharaktere. Mythen leben immer noch in unserer Zeit, aber die Veränderung ist unvermeidlich.
Diese Videos zeigen acht Interpretationen verschiedener Sagen, angefangen beim Ursprung der Erde.
Die Märchencharaktere nehmen fast alltägliche Formen an. Sie sind nicht weit entfernt von uns selbst und unseren Leben.
Ich / Ein Mythos ist Teil von “International Art Collaborations”. Mehr Informationen unter

Me / Sotkan muna / An egg of a scaup

Performance on video by Seela Jousi

In finnish folklore, Kalevala, the world is born from an egg of a scaup.

In the more modern explanation everything is in balance until something is changed. It is called the ”God moment”. Everything is now in chaos and the universe as we know it, is in creation.

In my performance I turn in to an egg of a scaup in between chaos.

Ankku Ronkanen

Me/Virgin Mary

Directed, shot, performed and edited by Ankku Ronkanen

Camera assistance by Teemu Höytö

Roses are a symbol for Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. She is said to be the Rose without thorns because she was free from the original sin from birth. In this performance video I wanted to portray Virgin Mary through symbolism and so a person is transformed into a rose.

Me/ Tulen Väki
HD Video 01’ 51”
Video&Sound: Riikka Enne
Assistent: Kai Lassheikki

Part of  “Me/ a Myth” project / INTAC 2014.

In Finnish folklore the Firefolk was considered to cause diseases, but to also cure them. When pain or suffering occurred they where prayed to take it away.

People believed that healers and witches might have been fire folk as well. Some of them where believed not to be hurt by fire, for fire doesn’t hurt its kind. It was said that one could become one of the Firefolk with a spell:

If you take ash with a knife from tree roots on three different forest fires on a clean cotton cloth and said the words
” Onko poikaa Panulla,
Mielismiestä tulosella
Miehen ainoan avuksi,
Yksinäisen ympärille…”
The time of witchcraft and spiritual healing, is over.


Me/ Näkki

Directed, shot and edited by Niina Kiiveri
Performed by Heta Lähdesmäki
Music by Mari Sainio (

Näkki (also known as Neck) is a water spirit from Finnish folklore. Usually regarded as a man figure he lures people under water by disguising as a woman and playing irresistible music with his golden violin. He lives in lakes and rapids. He is deadly but tempting. A symbol of vice.

My water spirit wears glittering fish skin and smooth, silk like sea weed on the red carpet.

Me/ Herättäjä


Me/ Herättäjä
HD Video, 01’45”
Shot on one take. Edit & sound design by Niko Skorpio.

Part of  “Me/ a Myth” project / INTAC 2014.

Herättäjä (Awakener) is a rather obscure mythic character in Finnish folklore. It appears only to wake up someone by screaming the person’s name to his ear or slapping him in the face, usually in case of danger. Kalevala includes a verse about a cloth that stays awake while its owner sleeps:

    Siinä mies makaelevi,
    uros unta ottelevi:
    mies makasi, vaate valvoi.
    (Kalevala, 16 : 330)

Due to numerous personal experiences with this phenomenon, I’ve come to think I have a personal awakener. It’s irrelevant whether we’re talking about an actual immaterial entity as folklore proposes or a psychological phenomenon as we might prefer to see it these days. Even if weird for a rational mindset, the phenomenon is real and helpful.
- Niko Skorpio